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Clutch pedal problems

Mar 11, 2003 · The new clutch system is working perfectly. The Z is burning rubber with no effort on third gear. I do feel a 15 to 20% more resistance on the clutch pedal, since the system is rated for 800HP, I guess it is normal. The only drawback I have is that when on heavy traffic, the clutch release at this low RPM makes the car shake..

pto lever with the clutch pedal all the way down. Clutch pedal all the way down 1st, engine running, try to move pto lever from out-of-gear to in gear and experience too much grinding so that it won't go into gear. One way to determine whether noise is coming from the PTO or another component in the system is to disconnect the pump or driveline from the PTO (if possible) to.

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Sep 05, 2010 · Ill get straight to the point. The clutch pedal is soft when cold. After driving a few miles it gets hard. Very hard when highway driving. If I pump the clutch pedal maybe 10 times in a row the pedal goes soft. Then goes hard after a few miles. I'd really like to get this fixed soon. My wife drives the car and I don't want her stranded..

Welcome to the forum Denzil. I'm sure there a few regulars who have read Q3 clutch problem with dread as there have been numerous Q3 clutch failures due to a premature component failure. Most likely they won't know the full extent of the failure until it is stripped out. You might want to join this forum too

Diagnosing Clutch Problems – Moss Motoring. a) The clutch does not release properly when the pedal is depressed, resulting in difficult engaging of gears. b) Clutch slip, a.

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